Package Manager Functions

All package manager functions are defined in the Pkg module. None of the Pkg module's functions are exported; to use them, you'll need to prefix each function call with an explicit Pkg., e.g. Pkg.status() or Pkg.dir().

Functions for package development (e.g. tag, publish, etc.) have been moved to the PkgDev package. See PkgDev README for the documentation of those functions.

@docs Base.Pkg.dir Base.Pkg.init Base.Pkg.resolve Base.Pkg.edit Base.Pkg.add Base.Pkg.rm Base.Pkg.clone Base.Pkg.setprotocol! Base.Pkg.available Base.Pkg.installed Base.Pkg.status Base.Pkg.update Base.Pkg.checkout Base.Pkg.test Base.Pkg.dependents